Motocrossboard, Stand-on Motorcycle Mayhem


The Motocrossboard, Stand on BikeWhen you think about it, why should the use of a board be restricted to water, snow, sand or skate parks? That was exactly what the inventor of the Motorcrossboard was thinking when he came up with his initial concept in the 90’s.

A Motorcrossboard first really came into the public’s consciousness in 2011 with a limited release version of the MXB Shocker. This could be described as a cross between a dirt bike and a snowboard and had a hefty price tag to start with. Over the year, the inventor, Andy Keel, decided to focus on further development of the concept rather than sales of the initial production.

This decision seems to have paid off with the launch of four ‘ready-for-market’ boards. The idea that these are just glorified motorised skateboards is well behind them and they are more likely to be compared to a lightweight, standing room only version of a motor bike.The Motocrossboard

The controls are largely similar to a motor bike in that there is a hand throttle and brake, so it is easy to see why this comparison has come about.

Learning to ride a Motorcrossboard is said to be considerably easier than mastering its snow or surfing counterparts. It is operated in a very similar way, that is, by shifting weight to toes or heels in order to steer.

Each model offers a different experience and price tag, costing up to $2,599.00 / £2000. Top speeds of just over 30 mph can be attained via the battery operated motors.

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