Heated Bike Grips, Clamp-On A’ME 1.3 Tri grips


Heated Bike Grips, A’ME Heated 1.3 Tri gripsAny keen biker, whether they love to hit the trails or just need to get from A to B will know the pain that winter can bring. It is arduous cycling during the colder months even for the leanest, meanest, fittest cycling enthusiast so a few creature comforts are always sought after and appreciated.

It is even better when those little additions can perhaps do away with some extra bulk on the body and that’s where the A’ME Heated 1.3 Tri grips fill a gap in the market.

Ok, so anyone sensible will wear gloves, but in really cold or extreme temperatures gloves can be ineffective if they are too thin and too bulky and cumbersome if they have too much wadding.

The A’ME heated bike grips are designed to have a range of controllable temperatures to increase riding comfort and safety by improving manual dexterity. The ability to use your hands normally in all situations is paramount for a safe ride as it can represent the ability to brake effectively and literally save your life, or the alternative which doesn’t really bear thinking about.

The bike grips are currently available for mountain bikes only but an option for road bikes is under development. The grips operate by means of a battery pack which presumably needs to be attached to the bike frame somewhere. What price comfort though? Well, at about $200 (£150) for a pair, they don’t come cheap, and if you own another bike, an additional set costs $80 (£50) available here

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