Cool Leaf Touch Sensitive Glass Keyboard from Minebea


The Minebea Cool Leaf USB KeyboardBy now, everyone is surely well used to the concept of a paperless office. Well, what about the soundless office? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean banning chats at your workstation (although in some cases wouldn’t it be bliss if some people weren’t allowed to, ahem). No, this is a silent keyboard that could leave the typing pool bathed in a hushed nirvana.

The Minebea Cool Leaf USB Keyboard started life as a concept, but now it has become a sleek and chic reality. Not only does this futuristic keyboard look the part, it is also a highly functional computer peripheral with one added bonus – no clattery, bashing noises which is great news if you are a little heavy-handed.The Cool Leaf  Keyboard

This keyboard will certainly be the centre of office attention not just for its stunning good looks but also as a smart piece of workplace tech. It makes use of glaciar-like touch sensitive glass rather than the bulky and clunky plastic characters that we are all so familiar with. The letters are lit up from within, making this a very alluring item.

If you are prone to being a bit of a klutz, you’ll be glad to know that a spilled coffee will not be the end of the world and if you are a bit of a clean freak, there is no place for dust monsters in this little beauty. Only one drawback is the price. At a hefty $471 (£290), it might be cheaper to get some earplugs instead!

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