Air Conditioned Shirt, Keep your Cool


The Air conditioned shirtPhew, hasn’t everyone suffered that hideous sticky clothes feeling when the weather heats up during the summer months? Stuck on a crammed train or bus with all those other sweaty bods next to you, don’t you just wish you could leap into a vat of cold water?

Even in a car, you cannot escape the uncomfortable feeling of the clammy clothes that just make you want to shred them off your body! Well, short of doing just that or plunging yourself into a tub of H2O, there is a more sensible solution to this problem.

Enter the air conditioned shirt. Just imagine, a shirt that has two sets of fans fitted that blow lovely cool air across the chest and back. Well that is now a reality with the Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt.

The fans are operated by two AA batteries and are housed on the back of the shirt. The fans are controllable too, and can give a faster or slower output as necessary. The shirt itself is a very practical design as far as work attire goes and is available in a neutral grey colour.

So whilst everyone else is sweating it, you can remain the picture of refreshed coolness, whatever the temperature.
At present this shirt is only available from the Japan Trend Shop which is an online retailer. You’ll need to try to stay cool as you enter your credit card details to buy it though as it costs a very sultry $186 / £114

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