Twilight Tracer, Fancy a Spot of Night Golf, use these Little Blinkers


The Twilight Tracer Golf BallEnergetic golfers can often rack up mile upon mile on the greens, around the golf club and scurrying around in the sand whilst playing this time honoured game.

Many enthusiastic golfers, from pro to amateur alike would probably tell you that much of it though is whilst searching for a mislaid golf ball. So, for those golf happy individuals who often suffer with lost balls in the rough, then the Twilight Tracer three layered ball, priced at around 9 quid, might illuminate your game, substantially.

The Twilight Tracer glows its way out of any rough areas and sand traps, as on the initial wallop the ball glides or rolls away from the player whilst emitting a flashing light and has been built to meet standards the R&A and U.S.G.A have laid out previously for golf balls.

Constructed with professional quality in mind, the innards of the ball have a concoction of LED lights that are red in colour, a lithium power cell and many wires and circuits in between, possessing a capacity to supply around 40 hours of life from the battery. For the complete package, the Twilight Tracer also comes enticingly supplied with a couple of decent tees and a carrying pocket included.

This all means your ball will be a flashy little number, showing off with a speedy, motion initiated, 7 flashes each second and last for around five minutes. Enough surely for most golfers to trace and stroll over to their striked ball, even in the most diminishing weather or environment, solving the dreaded agony of a mislaid play!

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