Nikon AW100, Waterproof Camera with GPS


Nikon AW100 Tough Waterproof CameraIf you’ve got 300 quid or so to spare and looking to buy a sturdy and appealing camera that is sure to survive the rigours thrown at it from any Indiana Jones impersonator, then the Nikon AW100 is going to appeal on many different levels.

Designed to operate and remain undamaged even in freezing conditions (yes, literally!), it also has shockproof capability and is water resistant – perfect qualities needed for any successful African safari! You can even successfully take a fantastic photo with a single hand as the action control feature will manage the actual shot whilst the camera is moved around.

Alongside the ability to go underwater to up to ten metres with a specialised mode that changes itself on the fly, the AW100 can be lobbed off any construction around a metre and a half in height without suffering any problems. Impressively housed with technological GPS features that provide maps, globe based positioning skills and compass is also a real bonus.

The UK winters won’t be able to cool this hot gadget either as it will remain perfectly acclimatised even in -10 degree conditions. Fear not either for if you’re snap happy in an unknown location, the AW100 will assist with image tags that provide geo based information.

Panoramic capabilities give budding photographers the ability to take fantastic snaps in a 180 or 360 degree mode that give panning options on a vertical basis. By cleverly shooting a number of speedy sets, the AW100 combines them to provide the finalised panoramic photo.The Back of the Nikon AW100

Designed to work almost blind too, the hardy Nikon has a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor which is lit from the rear and offers lower lighting settings which work in both air and water environments, perfect for getting up close to sea life!

For those who can’t wait to get their mitts on this Nikon, then be prepared for a short period as the AW100 is set to hit the shelves during the first week of September and will be available to purchase in a handy camouflage design, traditional black look, or zingy orange colour.

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