Glow in the Dark Fish, GloFish GM Pets


GlofishFrom a scene of Red Dwarf hails the pets that have a glowing gene addition, the dazzling GloFish who enjoy a hybrid status closely linked with their jellyfish cousins.

These Zebrafish originating pets have been given a DNA contribution from the tanglings of jellyfish whilst still in a pre-hatched, egg like status and the incandescent colours that emit from the fish have been caused by specific protein based genes.

Future families of just a single fish that’s been adapted with the glowing gene will naturally pass the ability onto generations of offspring without the need for further intervention from human hands.

Flick the normal light switch off too and the GloFish will cause quite a spectacular display under light produced in an ultraviolet fashion, but also in normal conditions they still emit vivid colourings, providing quite a spectacle of vision.

Before you go ranting about unnecessary human modification, the guys behind the GloFish actually state the new breed were introduced in a bid to assist the ever increasing problems caused by pollution found in water.

Hopefully one day in the not so distant future, the GloFish will be able to warn of water based pollution by reacting to the toxic matter, illuminating automatically. Whereas remaining fish inhabitants will continue unchanged if waters are clear.

So, in a similar vein to coal miners taking the canary down the dark and murky depths to warn of gas or bad oxygen, the GloFish are poised ready to take this responsibility deep under the water.

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