G155 Mobile Gaming Station


The G155 Mobile Gaming StationToday’s portable world shows no end to the demands and capabilities of what manufacturers and inventors can muster up for our fast paced, ‘must have it now’ convenient society.

Now if you’re an upwardly mobile gamer who can’t bear to be stuck game-less in an environment other than where your normal game pads reside, then worry not, the G155 Mobile Gaming Environment is here! Cor, with a fabulous title alone, the G155 is more than just a carry case for your precious and expensive technology, it gives the use of game consoles anywhere you go, literally.

This isn’t just an overly priced rucksack of around £300 where you can chuck in a PS3 Slim or Xbox 360, oh no, it also cleverly houses a high definition display of LED quality with 15.5 inch dimensions, that also brings music to the ears with speakers delivering stereo quality sounds.

For avid film buffs, watching this screen is sure to be a delight and crystal clear gaming capabilities are most certainly on offer. The gaming gadget can be used in absolute privacy too, via the inbuilt socket for ear pieces of 35mm sizing.

The G155 is lined with foam built interior casing, with one of those sticky velcro fastening things, which will keep your goods safely tucked inside and protect them from any bumpy ride.

If the worst happens, your stuff is neatly protected in case the gaming environment is dropped or walloped accidentally, leading to no tears before bedtime here.

This nifty little product can also be used on flights to play away the long hours as the featherweight proportions of the case and its size will enable it to comply with hand baggage requirements.

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