Sony A77 DSLR Digital Camera


Sony Alpha A77 Digital CameraThe snap happy inventors over at Sony have recently made available a bombardment of all kinds of cameras aimed at those with varying abilities and needs within the digital camera market. Sitting at the pinnacle of the collection is the newly available a77 which replaces Sony’s previous model, the a700.

Although the model names seem to be getting shorter, there is certainly no diminishing quality in evidence from the a77 here, as it comes boasting a sensor which is almost 25 mega pixels of quality. Packing a wallop for sure then, the a77 also houses an auto focusing video capability, which provides the user with complete focus benefits. The alpha 77 also has an integrated OLED view-finding feature which is electronically operated and a 16-50mm lens of f2.8 origin, giving fantastic accessibility in action based shots or general low light levels.

A blistering twelve frames per second ISO is provided by the a77 camera by Sony, and for the amateur wildlife photographer or professional in the field, you’ll be sure to capture all the action, as this camera blinks and doesn’t miss anything! For pics in the dusk and diminishing light conditions, the intuitive a77 can also produce a maximum offering of 16000 ISO, making this a sensitive soul for any darkened use.The Back of the Sony Alpha A77

Fear not too, as those looking to capture pictures and visual reminders of situations where there are a lot of people, within a busy party, wedding or music concert for instance, you won’t be required to act like the Indian rubber man and stand on tiptoe to do it. The ’tilt’ function will allow the camera to easily function above head level, with ease of viewing the display without getting unbearable neck cramp! To buy the Sony a77, dig deep into the pockets though, as the complete package with kit lens will be around $2000 and the body alone will set you back around $1400.

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