Scanner Mouse from LG, LSM-100


LG Mouse and ScannerThe chances are that you have never really given much thought to that dutiful servant that lies faithfully on the desk in front of you and is ever ready for your pointing and clicking needs.

Well things are changing for this most humble of computer peripherals. Yes, the mouse is now the focus of a high-tech makeover by the clever folk at LG who have identified its potential for other uses.

With electronics becoming more and more compact, the mouse had largely been allowed to shrink inside yet stay the same size on the outside. This has meant that there has been a lot of fresh air left within the device, or, as LG sees it, a space for evolution.

They have just announced that the LSM-100 will not just be a top quality mouse with all the usual functions, but it will also be a highly practical hand held scanning device too. It will have the capability to scan up to A3 size that can be saved in various formats. It will also have Optical Character Recognition technology that will be able to convert scanned text into Microsoft Word documents for editing.

A dedicated ‘smart scan’ button will be introduced onto the side of the mouse and it will have the familiar left, right and back buttons for normal functionality.

The LSM-100 mouse will be available in Europe initially, with a worldwide launch soon after. Sorry Tom, it looks like Jerry might just have the edge on this occasion.

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