Samsung Galaxy M Pro Business Phone, Blackberry Style


The Samsung Galaxy M Pro or BlackberrySporting the latest Android backing is the new Samsung Galaxy M Pro which has been developed and released by Samsung in a bid to tingle the taste buds of those who reside for most of their days in a suited number and cleanly polished shoes.

But, before you reach for the ‘next’ link just yet, even for those business-like people who prefer to go suit-less, the M Pro might be just up your street.

Proudly offering easy typing capability from the included keypad, it will certainly give BlackBerry technology creators a nervous, but cold sweat and possibly eat into the fruits of BlackBerry’s labour without too much effort. Magically inclined that’s for sure, as the ‘M’ in this case means the magic of Samsung. With bundled software features of Cisco and Exchange Active Sync, the not overly expensive gizmo has been constructed with a reasonable price in mind which Samsung are yet to confirm, so don’t hold your breath quite yet.

A beating heart of 1GHz resides quietly inside, meaning the processor in the Samsung definitely performs with power and posing. Alongside this performance is the benefit of a 5 megapixel camera that resides on the back of the almost 10mm phone casing. For in your face calls, the video capable flipside camera gives one to one video calls an easy touch with the clear 2.66 inch display size.

For web users who can’t bear to be parted with connections to the world wide web for more than a moment, the sleek Samsung will easily employ WiFi techniques to get you back in partnership easily and quickly, also providing Bluetooth 3.0 for other wireless connections. So, the Samsung Galaxy M Pro is certainly for professionals from all walks of life, whether you’re a fledgling entrepreneur or an established Lord Sugar, then connectivity is sure to get just that little bit sweeter with this latest gadget from Samsung.

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