Genius Wizard Stick, for PC Gaming


Genius PC Wizard Gaming StickFor all you budding Harry Potter fans, this is the perfect opportunity to get your wizardly hands firmly upon the new Genius Wizard Stick conjured up by the clever folks over at Genius HQ.

Powered by use of wireless capability, the Wizard Stick communicates via a PC without the use of unsightly wires and trailing lines which Mr Potter would most definitely approve of, that’s for sure.

Game players can easily work their magic in chosen games by flicking the controlling stick in various motions in the space around them as the controller employs an extremely accurate sensitivity. The PC is easily connected by the use of a supplied plug ‘n’ play USB device that fits snugly into the PC base.

Bundled with the wand comes the AIWI game base, which gives available titles to enjoy via the AIWI online site that are featured using flash technology and for those in court training, tennis matches can also be enjoyed using the SEGA built Virtua Tennis 2009. Unlike days gone by, where game players sit relentlessly for hours huddled over their joystick, keypad or desk to play games, the Wizard Stick really does get you up and about – it’s really simple to play from a standing position, moving the wand in all kinds of directions possible. There is also an ‘air mouse’ mode, which don’t worry, doesn’t relate to the rodent variety, but the convenient feature of using the stick as a cursor controlling device.

For extra capability too, iPod Touch, Android or iPhone users can transform their gadgets into another controller with wireless capability by using the AIWI software downloads, perfect for multi-gaming use. Don’t worry about weight either as holding this gadget isn’t going to drag you down overly and the tiny 134 gram load of the Wizard Stick, with wrist holding fastening, will prevent your wand from being flung through a nearby window!

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