WakeMate, Analyzing your Sleep


The WakeMate, had a good nights sleep?If you live and breathe all things techy, and you even dream in circuit diagrams, you will be delighted to know that there’s a gadget that you can take to bed with you. The WakeMate is a little device that can collect data as you sleep and this information is then analysed by bespoke software in the morning.

The data collected can give an idea of how well you are sleeping, or not, as the case may be. It can also help to optimise your sleep patterns so that you wake up at the most efficient time during your sleep cycle. It is important to wake during an appropriate phase of sleep so that you do not feel groggy.

The WakeMate is worn in a padded, elasticated wristband during the night. Inside the wristband is an accelerometer and electronics that captures the sleep data and transfers it wirelessly upon waking. It does this by using Bluetooth and must be paired to an iOS device, Android or Blackberry running the WakeMate app.

The idea is to use WakeMate to look at your sleep patterns and work out why you had a bad sleep. However, the battery life can be a little temperamental and quite often drains overnight despite there being an indicator of a full charge before bedtime.

This can lead to even more fitful sleep as you constantly wonder whether all your data will be lost in the morning. Looks like the developers need to sleep on it some more.

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