Smart ebike, Electric Bike from the makers of the Smart Car


The Smart ebike from the people at Smart CarsWell renowned for their ultimate green status and eco friendly use, the ‘Smart’ badge has been zooming around many towns and cities in the UK and across the world in a bid to make smaller and less harmful motor cars available to motorists.

Not content with providing just a set of four wheels, Smart has now turned its hand to the two wheeled variety by introducing the Smart ebike which has been partially constructed with the helping hands of a clever German company, Grace, who are skilled in the fine area of electrical bicycle creation.

‘Vorsprung durch Smart Technik’ is in order then as this innovative transport can also be propelled via a 250W powered, electrically motorised supply when the pedals are activated. Attractively bestowing the ebike with an environmentally positive cross-breed status which is sure to appeal to hybrid technology fans.

The Smart ebike is supplied via a lithium-ion power cell that packs a wallop of 400Wh and gives the capability of several power settings that can be chosen by the bicycle user. Lasting around sixty miles of use the welcome assistance this will give on that steep hill to work is undoubtedly going to be popular, but of course battery power will ultimately be dependant on how lazy the rider is feeling and how adeptly gears are operated.

Furthermore, the ebike transforms the electrical motorised part into an energy efficient generating system when the bike brakes are in use.

If that isn’t enough to make you go green with envy, the included USB port in the ebike will allow those who want to keep in touch a feature to connect their smartphone to the frame. Soon, a phone application will be available to provide the current power charge and distance available, alongside music and map accessibility.

Ready to be wheeled onto the UK streets next year, watch out for the yet to be priced offering from Smart appearing in 2012.

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