Smarbo, leave the hoovering to the Robots


The Smarbo Cleaning Robot, makes cleaning easyWho are these people that actually like doing the household chores? I wish I knew one of them so that they could come round and bring some sparkle and shine to my home! It seems that this is quite a common attitude towards housework, so the clever bods at Toshiba recognise this and have developed a smart robot floor cleaner.

Named the ‘Smarbo’, this is a very modern day solution to a problem that is as old as time itself, namely how to keep the floors clean.

The Smarbo is capable of cleaning an area of approximately 100 m2 in about 90 minutes. Smaller areas can also be cleaned using a very useful ‘spot mode’. There is no need to go to any effort with this machine. Not only does it leave the floors spotless, it helpfully heads back to its base station after it has done its job and recharges itself.

This little robot is a very compact shape and size and weighs in at a mere 3.7kg, meaning that it is very easy to store. The Smarbo is programmable and if you are worried about your precious ornaments, there are two sensors built-in to avoid knocks and scrapes.

Toshiba has calculated that the cost of running the Smarbo is literally pennies per use although the cost of purchasing the unit is considerably more than a normal domestic vacuum cleaner. At a cost of $1175 (about £716), it may actually work out cheaper to hire a maid!

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