CineSkates, Cameras can Ride


CineSkates get your skates onIf you thought that your days of owning some skates were long past, then think again. You might not be as nimble on a set of wheels any more but there is still room for a set of skates in your life.

These are not just any skates though, these are CineSkates and they can make your DSLR camera go to places that it has never gone before.

Keen photographers will be well aware of the awesome Gorillapod tripods. These are lightweight, adaptable camera tripods that are made from lots of flexible joints.

This makes them ideal for outdoor work as they are easy to carry about. Now this amazing tripod system has been given an extra dimension by the addition of cool skate-style wheels. But why would anyone want to put wheels on the legs of a tripod?

Think about it…according to the inventors, photography is not just about resolution but also about image stabilisation. The wheels enable the photographer to capture fluid, cinematic style footage in a far more portable way than ever before. The possibilities for this new system are endless: sporting events, weddings, filming product demos and close ups, for example.

At the moment, CineSkates is very much a ‘work in progress’ and enthusiasts are invited to support the team by purchasing this debut system so that the concept can be put into wider production.

It is also hoped that CineSkates will be further developed to be compatible with other tripod systems and become motorised which seems an obvious progression.

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