Sony Ericsson Live Mobile Phone, Walkman Quality Social Music Centre


Sony Ericsson Live Mobile Phone with Walkman Sound QualityRumbling onto the music scene Sony Ericsson is strutting their funky stuff with these newly introduced and Android powered walkman styled devices, sure to set the heart beat of many into ‘club’ mode.

What used to be synonymous with an old cassette tape capable, cumbersome head-phoned number, the ‘Walkman’ term is now firmly planted in 2011, meaning that the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman phone proudly sports this retro phrase, but with a fresh new understanding.

Running with a 2.3 powered Android platform, Sony’s xLoud gives it a superior sound quality (no hissing cassette tapes here) and easy to use, well placed player controls makes operating and playing your tunes really quite a simple process.

In a bid to give iTunes a kick where it hurts the most, Sony is also touting its Qriocity video and music offerings from the Sony Ericsson Live, which will give quick access to the latest musical downloads and media experiences available. Offering a lyrics search to help indulge budding karaoke stars, plus the ability to show it off to friends and colleagues via the inbuilt sharing features, Sony is sure to grab attention with this walkman device.

In colours of white or black and stonking in with available stereo capability via Bluetooth, Sony’s offering will also engage with one of the most common social networking phenomena’s of the day, giving rapid access to the Facebook platform.

Under the bonnet lays a 1GHz heart, a bundled camera of 5 megapixel quality and zoom in capability, all displayed on a 3.2 inch screen size and with Wi-Fi and FM radio connectivity to boot.

All in all, a nice little package to entertain and tease, available at the end of 2011 in a bid for Sony to capture the accessible and ever increasing musical madness of the modern world! Go shake your booty!

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