Rovio WiFi Robot, Explore Remotely


The Rovio WiFi RobotThe Rovio, available at around £120 is sure to get the juices flowing in many who sit nose-pressed to the telly watching as Mr Data shows off his robotically enhanced android skills in the distant future.

Available today though, is the Rovio, a highly developed and complex robot with WiFi capability, which proudly comes packed with a punch of attached microphones and web camera capability.

Giving rover the pet dog a run for his money, the Rovio can be commanded on a global basis from any location the user is situated and it will loyally perform giving you additional eyes and lug holes to see and hear where human kind may fear to tread.

The robotic mate can be controlled from many devices connected to the internet like mobile phones, PDAs, a laptop or even web operating video game boxes, bringing video and audio streams effortlessly transported, even over thousands of miles. For when the lights go out, this clever little chappy will be able to easily illuminate the way with its own front light.

The Rovio has been built to move in all kinds of ways as the three wheels are multi directional. It can even be pre-programmed with commonly used commands giving it a planned itinerary of visits from the lounge to the kitchen that can even intelligently reset if the cat takes a swipe knocking your Rovio off the road!

On a practical level, the Rovio can act as house sitter and protect your pad from burglars, even indulging in some James Bond-esque spying techniques. This robotic wonder will act as a conduit to channel real-time, ‘face to face’ conversations with others whilst you’re away from their presence, but not to be recommended as a substitute for the baby sitter!

Like humans are capable of automatically refuelling with food, the Rovio robot will also replenish empty power stocks and intelligently seeks and connects to a charging station to recharge when low on energy.

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