No Signal, Antennas in your Clothes


Antennas in your ShirtClassed by some as the eyesores of mankind, the humble aerial and transmitter devices that you can often see spiking our horizons are a conditional part of modern life.

Without them, your ability to send that SMS pic of Aunty Mary drunk at the Christmas party would fail as your mobile ‘phone signal would drop, as dead as the Dodo bird’s ability to fly, leaving lots of our gadgets distinctly extinct.

Within many modern technologies such as digital radio sets and mobile devices a built in antenna lurks coolly beneath the service that speaks to the transmitters across the globe. Because of these inbuilt innovations, thankfully now gone, are the times where mobile ‘brick’ users could accidentally prod an eye out with a 10 inch analogue aerial.

These days, very inventive people at Ohio State University are now looking for a fashionable solution to discreetly conceal effective and functional antenna into the underwear and clothing of ‘human aerials’.

By cleverly using a bendable, but very skinny brass embossed wire which can be integrated into clothing such as a vest, the wearer can then monitor the power and reception capability of the invention through a small operating piece attached to the waist. By automatically selecting the strongest antenna performance from the gadget which is in four locations of the vest, it can change itself to deploy the strongest at anytime, despite where the human host actually is.

So far, the transmitters have performed admirably and have given consistent abilities, potentially valuable for use to enable police officers, soldiers, fire fighters and even those floating around in space. All in a bid to enable them with communication that’s guaranteed, but without getting their hands full at the same time.

Not quite ready to hit the shelves yet, this skeletal number is likely to be priced in the $200 region and woven into all kinds of garments!

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