Mobile Phone Charging Pad from Energizer


Energizer Charge PadThe new streamline charging pad by those power hungry bunny folks over at Energizer is sure to get you all charged up in anticipation with its ease of use and very wafer like portability.

Launched on the market at around $50 for the single zoned capability and around $90 for the dual-zone pad, this little gizmo will give the fruits of your phone labour a good charge, operating with both BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone 3 and 4.

Proudly sporting Qi technology it represents a worldwide benchmark of charging via an inductive method, enabling all future phones to come charger free and preventing the problem of what to do with old drawers full of discarded adaptors!

The Energizer Dual-Zone Inductive Charging Pad packs a very lightweight feel and has been designed to avoid the cumbersome trail of wires and sockets, easily charging your mobile or smartphone by placing it gracefully on the top of the mat like structure. In order to make it work though, you’ll first need to shell out another $30 or so in hard earned cash to obtain a supplied case to encompass your current phone.

Whilst cases will seriously fatten your device, it will also give the benefit of enabling the partnering of connectivity between pad and phone. For those trendy go getters, the case is most unlikely to appeal, it’s not the most beautiful or sleek design and could add the illusion of adding more safety to your precious technology.

When the pad is connected, it intuitively tells you that charge is occurring through visually glowing LEDs and in the dual pad number a useful USB slot is also featured. To charge up your tech, all that’s required is an approximate placing on the charging pad which means your phone will pick up the supplied juice, definitely handy for when fumbling around in the dark! Charging could be from 2 to 3 times longer when using the pad in comparison to traditional plug in wires, so frustration may occur!

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