Samsung Monitor, Series 9 T27A950, Style Guru


The Samsung Series 9 T27A950The Samsung Series 9 T27A950 is a hybrid 27 inch Freeview HD 3D TV and PC monitor. What is most striking about this monitor is the bracket that supports it from the right hand side.

This stylish feature is just the first sign that this is a very sleek screen that puts to shame all the other boring clones on the market at the moment. The bracket can be tilted backwards to suit the viewing preferences of the user.

The T27A950 includes Samsung’s Smart Hub. This packs many extra features including BBC iPlayer, YouTube, LOVEFiLM and Explore 3D content channel.

The 3D on this monitor is phenomenal. Because you are sitting so close up to it you simply get immersed in all its glory. Although only one pair of 3D glasses is included, because it is only a computer monitor, it is personal so any more would be unnecessary.

The LED backlighting is very clear and consistent even though it is lit from the left and right sides of the screen. Because it is LED lit, the depth of the display is incredibly thin making it the perfect companion for your desk.

The T27A950’s 7 watt stereo speakers provide great sound quality from the base of the monitor. The base also sports 2 HDMI, composite, component, and 2 USB inputs. Although there is no dedicated SD card slot, because the monitor will be hooked up to your PC, it doesn’t matter; your computer should be able to take care of that instead

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