Mixing Decks for the iPad, Numark iDJ Live


Numark iDJ Live for the iPadIf you yearn to be an instant DJ, then chuck away your boxes of CDs and vinyl (well, OK, keep the vinyl as we all know it’s so hip now). The way to go nowadays is through iPods, iPhones or iPads.

However, just owning an iDevice is not enough if you are planning to play some banging tunes at a party or become a regular DJ at your local. This is where the Numark iDJ comes in. It might look like a child’s plaything but this piece of kit is definitely not for the toy box! In fact, this is a seriously smart, high quality mixing deck packed full of cool features.

Anyone, whether they are a veteran or novice, will find the iDJ a brilliant way to get the party started. It enables anybody who owns music on an iPod or similar Apple device to create seamless party mixes for small or large events. Very easy to pick up, you will soon have the air of a pro and be mixing, blending, fading, cueing and playing with the best of them.

The system works with iOS Core Midi DJ software which you use to load up your chosen tracks onto decks A and B on the iPod/iPad/IPhone screen. These tracks can then be mixed as you like using the iDJ Live system.

This is a very well thought out item, allowing the DJ to experience old-skool type music manipulations so even a hardened music Luddite will be tempted into the 21st century.

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