Airport Holograms, Magic Wafer Thin Staff

| August 23, 2011 | Comments

If you thought that the closest that you would ever get to a real life hologram would be by watching a series of Red Dwarf, then think again. You won’t need to travel to the depths of the universe to rub shoulders with a holographic entity, just head for Paris.

The French have been very busy rethinking the way that they run their airports, particularly looking at ways to enhance the boarding process. Thus they have conjured up a series of people in the form of holograms who smile, greet and direct passengers to their gates. They never need to nip off for a crafty ciggie or comfort break and they don’t even demand a wage for their duties!

The holograms are based on real-life staff that were filmed especially for this pilot scheme. The apparitions can suddenly appear at the touch of a button by real human staff when a plane is ready for boarding. They are revealed, as if by magic, out of thin air.

In reality, they are being beamed onto special custom made plexi-glass screens. The main point of the holograms is to make things easier to understand for passengers travelling through Paris’s Orly Airport rather than staring at dreary departures screens, which can be confusing at times.

Responses to the hologram staff have been mixed, with some people feeling spooked by the eyes that seem to follow you around the room. It certainly brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘beam me up Scotty’!


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