Russia Plans Space Hotel for 2016


Russia Plans a Space HotelIf you find that your soul is being destroyed slightly more each time you have to stay in one of those faceless corporate hotels, or if you are forever on the road confined to endless conferences and you wake up not even knowing where you are any more, and perhaps you find yourself dreaming of getting right away from it all, then the Russians might just have something for you!

For a cool £600,000, space tourists will be able to stay for five days in one of four cabins in the Commercial Space Station Hotel. The hotel will be set in an orbit at 217 miles above the Earth and its nearest neighbour, the International Space Station, will be merely 62 miles away. Each cabin will have a huge viewing window so that visitors can see the earth and up to 15 sunrises each day.

You can leave your Oyster card or season ticket on terra firma though, because transport is included which will (of course) be by means of a Russian Soyuz rocket – that’s got to be one in the eye for all those smug types down at the golf club.

Food will be prepared on earth and transported with the passengers in the rocket. Guests will be able to set their beds in a vertical or horizontal position for the night, or day…or whatever it is in space! The new orbital outpost will be the ultimate venue for an extraterrestrial trip and is due to become operational in 2016.

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