MiLi Power Pico Portable Projector, Watch it on the Big Screen


The MiLi Power Pico ProjectorThe MiLi Power Pico Projector is the perfect companion to your iPod Touch or iPhone. This pocket-sized projector can beam your favourite photos and videos across the room onto a wall, or projector screen, and upsize them to up to an amazing 70 inches.

Be careful what you project though, as the neighbours may get distinctly unsettled!

The projector connects to your iOS device with ease so you can showcase your media in seconds to friends, family or during a presentation. There are no worries about power consumption either; the MiLi can either be powered directly from your iOS device’s battery or can be plugged in to the mains for extra juice. The wall charger also charges your iPhone or iPod at the same time, making this a very practical accessory.

Even if you don’t have an Apple product, then other smartphones and MP3 players can also be hooked up to the Power Pico although there may be limitations as to what you can do with them as the projector is designed primarily for Apple devices.

The MiLi also packs a couple of decent in-built speakers which are perfect for a light presentation however they are no match for a set of surround sound home cinema ones. When you are displaying your personal media, the stand provides perfect support to the projector which can be adjusted easily to suit your surroundings.

All things considered, the MiLi Power Pico Projector is a great bit of gadgetry that compliments your iPhone or iPod perfectly to provide an excellent way of enlarging your photos and videos on a larger scale and of course for that little bit of posing!

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