Google takes Street View to the Amazon


Google Street View in the AmazonIf you are delighted with Google’s current issue of Street View and take pleasure in sightseeing vicariously by having a good look around unfamiliar streets and neighbourhoods across the continents, then the announcement that Google is now going to send its infamous tripod cameras off to the remote regions of the Amazon will surely be a very exciting prospect indeed.

Street View has become a phenomenal success, having only been in existence for just over 4 years but is now an intrinsic part of everyday life on the ’net. The little orange peg man takes us to places that we may never otherwise see and, let’s face it, who hasn’t used Street View to have a good snoop at a friend’s new address?

Now we shall all be able to peruse areas that have previously been very hard to survey and map, and not only that we shall have panoramic views and images of some of the most remote areas on the globe. Google has not yet set a timescale for this massive undertaking, neither is there any date set for its completion.

They have, however, set a starting point near Manaus, on the Rio Negro. Cameras will concentrate on a 50 km area initially, with scope to continue onto other areas at a later stage. As an act of philanthropy, Google states that they will leave some helpful gadgetry behind for the communities along the way. Who knows what these isolated communities will make of those big Street View cameras though?

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