Boogie Board Tablet, Perfect for a Scribble


The Boogie Board TabletOk, think of a boogie board and most likely you will have visions of a white sandy beach; tousle haired guys in clam diggers with a slick surfboard under their arms watching all the other dudes and dudettes riding the waves.

This Boogie Board is most definitely not suitable for ripping a few curls though, but if scribbling is your thing, then this is the piece of tech for you.

The Boogie Board is the very latest in paper-free drawing and doodling gadgetry. It enables the user to scribble, draw, write, sketch…in fact anything that you would normally use pen and paper for with endless possibilities. It has a clever pressure sensitive LCD screen and ingenious stylus which can safely be stored on board, making it ready when you are.

The manufacturers boast that any non-abrasive item (even bananas) can be used to draw on the Boogie Board and the screen will mark thick and thin lines according to pressure. The screen itself is an impressive 10.5 inches which makes this something of a beast in the paperless drawing tablet market.

The Boogie Board is battery powered, meaning that it can go wherever you go. Battery life is excellent, designed to last for tens of thousands of creations and masterpieces. Despite having a powerful battery, it is very light, weighing in at a very nimble 229g (approx). Other handy features include a lock facility to guard against accidental erasure of the images and a cleaning cloth is included. Now, where’s that banana…?

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