PlayStation Vita social apps will include Facebook, Twitter and Skype


Facebook, Skype and Twitter on the Playstation VitaSony has announced a new service on its portable gaming device, the PSP, which is likely to strike dread into the hearts of all parents, but unmitigated joy into gamer tweens and teens.

Their new evolution of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) will be called the PlayStation Vita (PSV) and will be made ready for dedicated Facebook, foursquare, Skype, and Twitter apps. So now there is little chance that you will ever see your darling offspring again, let alone converse with them!

Details on how the social networks will actually work on the new device are not yet clear. That is to say, there is no confirmation on how the sites will be displayed but it is hoped that they will be presented in landscape mode (i.e. horizontally) rather than portrait (vertically). All of the social networks will be downloadable via the PlayStation Store for free. However, Sony has given no date for when they will be available following the console’s launch.

Similarly, it is unclear how the likes of Facebook and Twitter will actually work within a game, if at all. It seems an obvious thing to be able to tweet your score as you are playing, but this might not be possible without having to quit the game. All will be revealed in due course.

Given that the PSV is set to have a beautiful screen and end-user experience, it will only be a matter of time before others jump in to take full advantage of this medium.

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