Iconia Tablet A100 Review


The Acer Iconia Tablet A100Sometimes big just isn’t necessarily better so if you hear boasting to that effect, just nudge people in the direction of Acer’s Iconia Tab A100 and they will soon see what you mean.

Acer has made a bold, but canny decision to produce the A100 to carve a piece out of the very lucrative and growing tablet market for themselves. The Iconia Tab A100 really does stand out from other devices in this genre as it is the first 7 inch tablet available today that makes use of Google Android’s Honeycomb (3.2) mobile operating system.

The tablet itself is lighter than many of its competitors and has a smooth look overall, with built-in 5 megapixel and 2 megapixel cameras included. It feels good in the hand and is very nice to port about when you are on the go.

The A100 has a chirpy touch screen and the fast processor makes playing games such fun on this dinky-sized device. The only niggle is that the viewing angle can be quite restricted. Apps are quite thin on the ground for the A100, although this is improving as developers wake up to the massive potential of Android.

Of course the A100 is designed with a clean interface to access all types of media and there is neat ‘drawer’ system to organise all those cute little icons on your screen. Battery life is a bit quirky, with 10 hours possible with light use but 4 or 5 hours is probably more likely.

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