The Space Balloon, View Earth from a new Perspective


Bloon into Space A very clever Spanish chap who invents things has recently decided that it’s high time us mere mortals were able to look back at the ball we live on which is Earth, by flying up, up, up into the sky in a balloon.

The creator of ‘zero2infinity’, who has an incredibly long name, Mr José Mariano López-Urdiales, an engineer specialising in aerospace, promises that for those who alight the craft it will be a space like ride of a lifetime whilst floating at 22 miles on top of the planet.

Sort of a cross between the moon and a balloon, ladies and gentleman meet the ‘bloon’ which will enable space faring souls to book passage to see if the moon really is made of blue cheese. Whilst the bloon falls short of the one hundred kilometre elevation which the Virgin Galactic is touting, Mr López-Urdiales reckons his lower flying number will be just as good an experience. It will provide a viewing extravaganza for around two hours, far more lingering than one of those zooming space rockets then.

Space Balloon

Bliss in space it certainly sounds and to reach the cruising ‘n viewing level, the trip upwards will take up to six hours in the bloon, so let’s hope there’s a tea making facility on board and a convenient portaloo in place. To reach the heady heights of space, passengers can safely travel within a 4 metre width pod that hangs beneath the balloon section, big enough for four people and two driving pilots to safely reside.

Flights are likely to operate within geographical areas where the weather is proven to be consistently positive, but for those who fly to the sky it will set them back over one hundred thousand Euros or $160 thousand dollars, so start saving in those piggy banks now to get upwardly mobile.

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