Samsung 830 series SSD, Twice the Speed


The Fast Samsung SSD 830 Series Hard DrivesSamsung, the renowned manufacturer of a whole range of technology and impressive gadgets has proudly heralded its latest conquest in design with the Samsung SSD 830. The SSD, or ‘Solid State Disk’ to those mortals of non-geek status, is an internally placed piece of kit.

The SSD 830 will also arrive bundled with a performance posing interfacing capability that is SATA 3.0. In real life terms this pretty much means it’s faster, with a one hundred percent speedier bandwidth offering of a maximum, but blistering six gigabits transfer each second!

The Korean tech provider hasn’t failed to deliver in performance that’s for sure with the 830. When it’s possible to purchase this in October it’s sure to deliver with less expensive power consumption, greater consistency than a normal hard disk drive and literally be cooler to touch in emitting far less heat. No blue screens of death crashing about here either, as Samsung tout that this clever SSD gives a much lowered potential hard disk drive failure.

Most people probably aren’t going to get too excited about the colour and actual design of a SSD, especially if it’s as good as this one claims to be. But, if you’re the flash type and like a bit of design then Samsung have given the 830, especially for you, the pretty in orange and black, classy evening wear look.

With its included Magician software and firmware, the SSD is promised to give top returns for your dosh and Norton ‘Ghost’ will also help overcome tricky upgrade woes. Soon to be available, the Samsung SSD 830 has not yet been given its launch price details but available to purchase in a quartet of sizes, from 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB numbers.

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