IBM Chip with Brain-Like Functionality


The IBM Brain Chip, a new road for computersIn a bold broadcast by the monster organisation that is IBM, they are proudly trumpeting their science fiction-esque invention of a double offering of super chips.

Now, before you reach for the ketchup bottle and the vinegar shaker to season those chips, we’re not talking about the potato variety, but a highly sophisticated and extremely innovative computer chip.

But there’s a unique difference. This isn’t your normal run of the mill, common or garden type chip, oh no, it’s a chip that is built more like the grey matter in our heads, the organic brain within human kind.

So, is this a new era and one bold step for man, one step for my computer in the making? It would certainly seem so, as IBM feel these new computer chips will undoubtedly serve to be the fundamental starting point from which it can put further development into computing that is cognitively based. The chips will ideally mimic aspects from its human creators in a way that will also enable them to make action based decisions based on ongoing learning, much as people do when we ‘live and learn’. In order to do this though IBM will need to make the proposed chip able to handle huge portions of data so that it may make appropriate decisions as it goes.

As the human body contains neurons and synapses which connect to each other, so do these little partnered chips too. Packing a punch of 256 neurons in the first and around 262,144 (a lot) synapses that can be programmed, this has been created alongside the remaining chip that holds 65,536 synapses that can also take on learning too.

So, will we soon be controlling our desktops with an implanted chip in the head using a Star Trek featured neural interface? Time will tell, but one thing you can be sure of, this IBM chip will surely be set soon to make its debut on the world.

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