BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 SmartphoneIf you feel like tossing your Apple iPhone out and trying something different, then the brand spanking new BlackBerry Bold 9900 might be just right for your fruit bowl.

Trotting up in style, this juicy and innovative little number packs a size that is bigger than its forerunner, the 9700 series and is somewhat reminiscent of the BlackBerry 9000.

Feeling solidly made and of quality build with an inbuilt metallic strip, it’s also not a bulky beast as the depth of the smartphone is a tiny 10.5mm. With the full keyboard on offer it snugly sits into anyone’s palm with a satisfying, but not overdone weight of 130 grams. When slipping this piece into a back pocket, the slightly lower-level locking key to secure the screen can stop you accidentally calling your ex when you sit down.

Many BlackBerry fans make a beeline for their Berry as the keyboard is always an attractive feature and for e-mail, which can rapidly be deployed via the 9900, and text messaging maniacs, the keyboard won’t disappoint. Although, the keys can feel somewhat softer than previous family members, which may not be to the taste of all users.

Visually, there is an impressive display resolution which is housed on a 2.8 inch screen size, with a 285ppi pixel mass that gives an energetic viewing feast for the eyeballs. The internal workings of the 9900 pack a punch with both 768MB of RAM and a pulsating 1.2GHz processor, which is sure to please even the most demanding of power hungry users. With 8GB of memory that’s internally placed with space for microSD to a maximum of 32GB, space is not too much in demand.

The smartphone is controlled by the BlackBerry OS7 which to use is quite similar to how Torch performed and the OS7 also controls the voice search facility if you feel like chatting your BlackBerry up. For snap happy moments the integrated camera is a capable 5 megapixel capability, but lacks a little with focus that is fixed and not automatically controlled, so close shots could get blurred. For budding David Bailey’s you’d be better off sticking with your Brownie camera.

Surfing around the web using the multiple tab capable browser is speedy and responsive, with the ease of double tapping to move in or pinch controls as needed. Overall, the BlackBerry 9900 is a ‘phone where it’s quite simple to also make a telephone call (remember, it’s what the mobile was originally designed to do?!) and the call quality is excellent.

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