WiFi Bathroom Scales, Get in the Zone


Bathroom Scales use WiFi - Follow your WeightEver remember nipping down to the local chemist with your mum to get weighed properly and pushing that five pence piece into the slot? In days past, often the most accurate weigh-in available would be to get it publicly done out of the house or middle of the shopping centre where those ominous looking red scales used to stand and loom at you.

But now, due to the unending march of technology, a new dawn welcomes the WiFi Bathroom Scales, designed with all kinds of nifty uses and help to truly support any weight management you can throw at it. With a highly sexy, but chic exterior the new WiFi scales will make a note of your body mass index, fat composition and actual weight which may well send you shrieking for the lettuce leaves in the fridge.

But fear not, the easily used tracking capability of the scales makes weight loss a much easier process than keeping tabs in your scribbled notepad (yes, we mean a traditional paper notepad). Every time you reach for the scales to place your frame on them, the information it takes is wirelessly sent to your iPhone or PC via the WiFi connectivity. It even chatters away to email programs, Google Health or on Social Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

You can even interface your weight loss records with other related iPhone applications such as WeightBot and RunKeeper and for gym addicts or those athletically inclined, this set of scales are certainly not heavyweight to use day to day.

The scales boast an integrated browser with loads of other handy stuff included to wow you too. Able to record stats from a family or group of up to eight people, the WiFi scales can actually recognise the person who gets aboard. Class it either as a blessing or a curse, the gadget though really won’t give any excuses and certainly never lies. Priced at around £120 it won’t put your budget too much on a diet either!

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