Use Your Hand as a Trackpad


Back of Your Hand TrackpadFor all you 007 wannabes, this back hander is one you might like to get your hands on, but unfortunately it’s not quite ready to grab yet, so mitts off.

A watch style interfacing device, invented by University student Kei Nakatsuma in Tokyo is definitely pretty nifty and will surely impress the socks off most.

This clever little gadget really does deliver the ultimate in futuristic experience as the touch sensitivity of the Star Trek Enterprise bridge really does come to life.

Built to be able to sense inputting touches and movements on the rear of the hand (or desk environments) it can also ‘listen’ to inputted sounds that come from its user’s motions. It does this by mixing a combination of piezoelectric (think electricity production here) and infrared detection methods.

The watch prototype here does look pretty cumbersome we must admit, but when sleekly refined and made distinctly more pleasing over time, the uses it could have will be totally mind-blowing, and ‘M’ would have a few things to say on the matter that’s for sure.

Problems with making the invention work in bright sunny conditions still need to be ironed out and the interface method can’t operate rotation or pinching movements currently. But, if Mr Nakatsuma’s PhD depends on this amazing creation, then rest assured he will overcome these issues in time and for ‘spy kids’ the future looks decidedly, ermm, well, secret agent.

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