Millenniata M-Disk Stores your Files Forever, well almost


Permanent Data Storage from Millenniata, the M-Disk Now, if you’ve ever wanted to record your life’s work, story, events or family history and are worried about it getting damaged over the passage of time for future generations, then Millenniata might well have just the job for you.

Unlike traditional DVDs, the new see through ‘M-Disk’ by this Utah based company cannot experience any degradation in storage capability over the years.

Once its been recorded with data, burnt into synthetically man-made materials of the disk, unsuspecting family members can’t accidentally place their latest Facebook pics over the top of your family tree by accident – leaving your household domestic argument free! As no ‘naturally’ occurring materials have been used to build the disk, they won’t melt or weaken over future years.

Disks that are currently used to record all kinds of stored data have a shelf life of time. Information that’s been stored on them has been written by the use of variously contrasting areas of light that enable data to ‘live’ within the contrasted light areas. Over the years, the darkened disk areas can erode, which in turn corrodes your precious data.

The brainy guys at Millenniata now have the solution for all you worry heads that really do want to store data way into the future. The M-disk does the job nicely and with the employed technological advances it uses, creates permanent data housing. So, unless you use it to prop up a wonky table leg, should last hundreds and thousands of years (aka, a long time).

Proven to survive in all kinds of global conditions, the disk can be subjected to freezing weather conditions or even under the water where it will still protect all data safely. Watch out though, the disk can scratch and bust if you use it as a Frisbee and you’ll also need a new burning device to read it successfully as current DVD reading technology won’t cut the mustard. (Update – you can use optical drives to read the M-DISC’s)

On the plus side, it won’t cost the earth though to buy the disks and Millenniata estimate around $30.00 for ten of these transparent numbers.

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