Busbi HD Digital Video Camera Review


Digital HD Video Camera from BusbiWith a price that won’t bust the bank account, the new Busbi HD Digital Video Camera is one of those ‘I must have one’ moments, as soon you’ll be wondering how on earth you got about without being so video snappy all the time!

Priced at under fifty quid, the Busbi camera really is built with convenience and ease at mind, so taking a quick clip then uploading it to your PC really is effortless. Now resigned to the dusty bin of time is the awkward recording and transfer process many past budding film directors have endured, as this cam makes it look like child’s play.

Bundled with the camera are special effect capabilities too, so it means you don’t have to be Spielberg to add those mysterious film touches!

With power and features to record in fully coloured 720p HD film, the Busbi HD Digital Video Camera is a simple to use affair that doesn’t present a confusing amount of options, sub-menu choices or a 1000 page user manual that you need a degree to understand. It simply glorifies the process of recording film, and oh boy, does it do this easily – all self-contained within a sleekly built enclosure.

Featuring just eight button areas on the Busbi, which are Menu, On & Off, Record and a remaining quartet of keys to enable navigation or zoom in and out. With the built in screen of two inches, previews are instantaneously seen, so no waiting around here. Connect via USB to home computers to upload or watch yourself directly on the telly by using the supplied AV lead and for additional storage needs, simply plug in a 16GB SD card.

With Social Networking exploding all around us, lots of Busbi users will want to show off their latest vids online, so that often means Facebook, Twitter or You Tube are the popular choices. This gadget makes it easy by using a web uploading capability which transfers rapidly. Safely on the web, you may then enjoy the fame and recognition that will surely emanate from your film takes.

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