The World’s smallest battery, from Rice University


The Worlds Smallest BatteryYou might need a microscope to view this unseen little powerhouse and like the human cell’s mitochondria, the cylinders in this tiny invention are all independently producing power.

After careful research, the smallest battery in the world has now been created which is most definitely slimmer than Twiggy after a 3 month starvation diet. In fact, the whole structure is actually 600% less width than that of a single bacteria floating around us. That’s really small wouldn’t you agree?

This petite number has been created and extended into reality at Rice University to the stage it currently reflects and is a hybrid between a super capacitor and a battery, which gives it much more kicking power. The challenge now lies in how the University moves this prototype battery into a bigger arena, thoroughly evidencing it has consistent and useful capability in the actual market.

The micro battery could be used to power all makes and models of current and future technology that become available, giving a new era in battery space required and the miniscule weight it only adds to a gadget. Theoretically invaluable for all kinds of medical and health applications and immensely small computers that power other equipment, the batteries could even work inside a biological system such as the human body.

But before you start rushing down to the Pound Shop to see if a bargain can be found in picking up a pack of ten of these for a quid, this nano sized battery is so thin, it makes a human hair look overweight, so try picking that up without breaking it to pay at the checkout.

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