The Samurai Drone, a New Way to Fly


Samarai DroneMany of us through the joys of childhood, long summer days, ice creams, bubble gum and chopper bikes have experienced the sheer pleasure of imagination whilst out playing with family and friends. Climbing trees, chewing grass and chucking stones and branches as we pull off maple seeds growing from the local trees.

This is nature’s clever design to enable the tree to spread its seed as the seed leaf falls to the floor. As the maple seed is shaped like the best aerodynamic helicopter wing there is, man can learn a lot from its shape.

The innovative and new Samurai Drone platform invention mimics natures tried and tested shape. One does hope however that the clever corporation, Lockheed Martin behind the ‘Samurai’ drone, has remembered to apply for trademark permission to Mrs Mother Nature, otherwise stormy weathers lay ahead. This lop-sided, one eared beauty easily slips off the ground by elegantly rising in a vertical manner, but the challenge will lay in mastering the difficulties in safely managing the device and landing it after initial take-off. Rather like an unruly child, the Drone might not do what it’s told – at least, to start with.

As with many other inventions the designing concept behind the Samurai Drone have been motivated by a need to enable armed forces with an intelligent unmanned aviation solution that can be sent on its way rapidly, even by throwing it boomerang style into the fray. Those Magnificent Men in their flying machines are really ‘up up up up’ on their way this time as this mini little design can easily be magnified upwards to make big daddy models.

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