Tagg: GPS Dog Collar from Qualcomm


The Tagg Dog Collar from Qualcomm As any adoring pet dog owner will tell you, losing a dog is one of the most stressful and upsetting experiences you really can endure as after all, our four legged quadruped friends are a solid part of the family.

Old fashioned engraved dog-tagging discs, plus the brilliant micro-chip method which injects a pet ID under the neck already exist to help ease lost pet worries. However, a new kid on the block has now emerged to sit pretty next to these tried and tested forerunners.

The renowned Qualcomm, who have their fingers dipped in many technological pies, are doing all sorts of geeky things which really are quite clever. Within that circle of tech exists a brand new waterproof GPS tracking dog collar, that can easily be battery charged when required. The aptly titled ‘Tagg’ is under the careful wing of ‘Snaptracs’, which are part of the Qualcomm clan. Whilst this bulkier looking device might get muddy on the next local walk, peace of mind that your pet is wearing one should they get lost will surely ease the mind of the fashion conscious pet owner.

Before fitting the collar to track your hound’s movements, owners can set the ‘Tagg Zones’ (woof!) that intelligently store the most visited areas that these four legs travel to, like the garden and house area. There’s much sense in taking the time to record this data first, as when your friend decides to wander out from the designated area, much like in ‘Colditz’, the perimeter fence guards will be woken – in this case, you get an alert by text or e-mail to inform you.

For those of a nervous disposition, the collar can be communicated with using a ‘ping’ method via browser interface to check on current geo doggy whereabouts. Battery life is around a month worth of power and when going out for planned walkies, the collar settings can be changed so they don’t freak out the alerting system as you leave pre-defined areas. Available in the Autumn hopefully with a price tag of around $200, which also includes 12 months of tracking included in the box.

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