Omnifer iPad Braille Case


Omnifer iPad CaseThe world has recently gone iPad mad and many of these gadgets are now in the hands of owners from all backgrounds and walks of life. Fantastic capabilities are now a reality in touch screen technology and the offerings by Apple that provide speed, accessibility and performance are often breathtaking.

But, for those who are living the modern life and have restricted eyesight or indeed are registered blind, the iPad, as marvellous as it is, serves little purpose.

For the individual who has a visual impairment, everyday living is quite different and the other senses will begin to adapt and function to try and compensate for the loss of sight, such as the sense of touch, hearing and smell. The ‘Omnifer iPad’, currently in conception stages, could be the iPad saviour for those who require a different kind of ‘vision’, bringing mainstream games and entertainment into the hands of even more iPad owners.

Working somewhat like a sleeved case that snugly encloses the iPad, the high contrast and brightly coloured Omnifer iPad is quite unique. Its implementation cleverly uses gas (no, not your own) to make the Braille keyboard segments rise up and ‘deflate’. These are sensitively controlled from how much light is emitted from the iPad below.

Clever stuff for sure and the gaseous Braille would need to be carefully manipulated via custom built apps for the market in order for it to work successfully. Let’s hope then this concept becomes a reality which would then enable iPad technology to become more usable by many other millions of consumers.

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