Virgin Oceanic Sub can Withstand Depths of 37,000ft / 7 Miles


The Virgin Oceanic ProjectThere’s no piling on the pressure here as this brand new, super craft submarine which can be crafted from incredibly tough construction to withstand the deepest sea levels, would most surely be the envy of Jules Verne.

Up to 2011, the technology to create such a super sub was only in its infancy. But, because of the four inch depth of the installed glass windows and superman strength shell of these sinking ships, the craft will be able to take its passengers down to the deepest climate of Loch Ness and far beyond. Even the clearer depths of the very deepest waters will soon be within striking distance.

Potential funding for the oceanic craft, being built by marine companies has been attracted from a variety of different sources including extremely rich types with lots of time on their hands to play under the water. From Google top man Eric Schmidt, Virgin’s Richard Branson and James Cameron, director of films like the Titanic, Terminator and Alien who really gets to live his fantasy here.

With a vast amount of sea depths going unexplored due to the difficulties in reaching such murky distances, there remains so much to see and potential marvels to witness. Who knows what scaly wonders may be residing on the slippery sea floors of the world?

Currently available to travel down to a depth of 300 metres are crafts that are manufactured by companies such as Deep Flight and Triton, these have only paddled in the shallow waters when compared to future versions of sub that will be able to triple this depth, up to 1000 metres. Designs are also well in hand from a number of providers for a superior craft in the long term that could safely travel down to an amazing 11,000 metres and manage the extreme pressure that would be created from such a trip.

So, who knows, as well as signing up to a new Virgin mobile ‘phone contract, PAYG submarine trips down to 3,000 metres and beyond could soon be on your contract and a realistic watery option!

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