Aura Bike Lights, Eco Friendly Safety


The Aura Bike Lights ProjectA bright spark of an idea that’s for sure and with so many benefits to lighting up your bicycle, from safety to fashion, these innovative and brand new creations are bound to succeed.

The new inventions, from a double set of inventors, might just make you want to get on your bicycle at all hours.
With the ultimate glow and mystique that emanates from these bicycle wheel lights, it will provide the rider with additional safety as well as preventing them from riding into a lamppost down a blackened street!

Two parties are currently developing a pair of options for this solution between them and first into the running are the three wise inventors, Adam Pettler, Jim Houk and Kent Frankovich. These guys are implementing their ‘Revolights’ invention which has several LEDs contained within structures that are then simply attached to the bicycle wheels, operating via juice from a lithium-ion battery.

The Revolights have an adjustable speed which makes the lights flash rapidly, according to the speed the bike is travelling. Don’t blink here or you’ll miss it! This system is designed to be the sole lighting system on a bike with no others needed and could be available to mainstream buyers by the end of 2011 for around $200, if investors are found in time.

Biting on the heels of the innovative trio are two students who are both studying at Carnegie Mellon University – Messrs Ethan Frier and Jonahan Eta who obviously have too much time on their hands or are ducking out of lectures.

Their ‘Aura’ creation sports clever lights deployed to light the wheels of a bike, using the space to illuminate the sides of a rider’s view. By putting these together with a normal front facing light, you have the complete package, helping other road users to see you in full glory.

This duo is using Uni funds to help them design a wheel rim embedded method that combines different colours within LED technology. These are then eco-powered via the rider’s in-built dynamo. Flashing from red to white, the devices can be turned off and on at will.

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