Apple’s Futuristic Spaceship Campus


The New Apple OfficesOne could say that the new planned offices of the giant fruit Apple, which they are arranging to build in the near future, are very much apple-shaped. This innovative company certainly is thinking outside the box in creating a set of office space and grounds for its employees that most certainly won’t induce ‘sick building syndrome’!

The Californian city, Cupertino has released all the plans of the trendy and futuristic looking theoretical construction which almost looks like it could take off in the next Star Trek movie if it had enough warp drive reactors added to it! The Apple guys and Steve Jobs were discovered to have been designing this space-like building just a few months ago and with enclosed garden and patios in its centre are sure to please even the most demanding of Feng Shui enthusiasts.

It’s no denying that a circular type construction is most certainly going to be a pricier option and there are no sharp and jagged angular shapes here, the glass is also most innovative in that it too will consist of sexy curves. If completed, Apple will use the new building as a developmental centre, research facility and office block that can also house 1000 people in a customised lecture type hall.

No mouldy apples here either, as a fitness facility will be on hand, with integral power supply all within nearly three million square feet of space. Now, there’s a new workplace if we’ve ever seen one, the thousands of employees who will use it would be dizzily delighted.

But, alas, the apple pips have just been spat out, the Mayor of Cupertino, Gilbert Wong has surmised that the City Council of Cupertino will not authorise the building or pass its planning stage. Seems like Apple will have to think again before the idea gets too overripe!

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