Project Flake Concept Car, Adjusts with the Surroundings


Project Flake Concept CarHeaven knows what Jeremy Clarkson, Captain Slow and the Hamster would make of this on BBC’s Top Gear – heavens, a car made of flaky stuff, surely not? But maybe the Flake Project Car is the most revolutionary concept ever thought of, being the sexiest carbon fibre constructed car “in the world” (read that like Clarkson).

Generally speaking, speed fuelled sporty cars designed for petrol heads or those who have a never ending depth in their wallet are made with a spoiler on the back of the car. These generate road grip from the air that flows over them and often they are able to be dynamically moved to suit driving needs.

The Flake Project car though is different, instead of having a single spoiler piece on its bum, the entire covering of this morphing concept car is designed with tiny micro spoiler pieces that all can move separately.

The tiny little spoilers are made with carbon fibre, which as any well informed Top Gear fan would know, is an extremely light material, but very tough indeed. The flaked out spoiler pieces can move from a flattened appearance close to the car body, to sticking up straight like the hairs of a frightened moggy.

These flaked sections act like a lock down mechanism when required and stick out (round that hair pin bend for example) or will politely lay flattened on the vehicle when the need for speed is required. Complete with D-Wheels that adjust to the road surface, the car theoretically makes for a comfier ride.

But, don’t get too excited, this highly concept staged motor will probably never actually function in reality. Even the flake designer claims to have little faith in its actual manufacture for use so nipping down to the local Sainsbury’s in this motor for a pint of milk just won’t happen. He does claim though as an inspirational concept for other designers, the morphing concept car could be extremely valuable.

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