Falcon HTV-2: The Fastest Plane Ever


The fastest plane ever, Falcon HTV-2Probably not a mode of transport for those who get motion sickness, the Falcon HTV-2 is not a television set like the ‘TV’ part of the title may suggest. It’s actually one heck of a speedy plane that has been dubbed as probably the quickest plane currently constructed with its ultra high speed capability of up to 13,000mph.

Now, that’s a g-force that is sure to implode many travellers, that we can be sure of, but on 11th August 2011, the ‘Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2’ from DARPA is surely going to fly for the last flight test that’s required. The first outing of this speedy gonzales took place in April 2010, where it recorded nearly ten minutes of original data from the flight.

Going supersonic in a speed that most of us can only dream of and actually faster than sound by twenty times, this amazing plane is something that the Wright Brothers would probably have dropped their jaws in disbelief over. Actually, they may have had anyone claiming such a speed confined well and truly to the funny farm.

13,000mph in practice means a journey time from Australia to the UK that would only take around sixty minutes, and at that kind of travelling time your workplace really could be internationally based – returning home for a cuppa each day would be a cinch.

But before you rush out to buy a passenger ticket, there’s a big catch, there’s no space for anyone on the plane – that means stowaways or even a pilot operating the HTV-2. Powered by rockets, this Star Trek styled beauty easily slips through the surrounding atmosphere of our planet as easily as a warm knife mutilates butter.

The Falcon HTV-2, so fast they lost it.

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