3D Glasses from Vuzix, your Personal 75-Inch Screen


The Vuzix 1200 3D GlassesNow when you feast your eyes on these sleekly formed beauties, it may well have you reaching to place your worn and favourite Ray-Bans in the bin.

Vuzix, who are responsible for creating eye pieces of a video nature that host separate lens housed screens in front of your peepers, are proudly reporting an enhanced upgrade of their eye glasses.

The soon to be available in the UK ‘Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D’ video eyewear gives an experience of 3D and 16:9 ratio screens that feel very wide indeed! In your head, this is simply a mind blowing 75 inch screen size that the brain will interpret.

How Vuzix worked out the comparison of 75 inches we can’t be sure of, but what you can guarantee is a feeling that when wearing these 3D glasses, those sporting them will really feel about ten feet away from a screen.

American patrons have been able to get their hands on the specs within smaller quantities on the shelves and soon the European market will be able to see the world through Vuzix tinted lenses when Berlin is introduced with them at the end of August, 2011.

Not just confined to 3D use, the glasses can also be worn to see any movie in 2D mode with top of the range resolution quality and like any functioning Star Trek Borg, the eye pieces both have separately operating adjusting movements.

If that’s not enough to wet the appetite, an integrated function (‘AccuTilt’) can also tilt the eyewear up to 15 degrees to give a customised fitting. With included connections for video and headphones built for stereo use that cancel out unwanted external noises, the 3D illusion really is complete alongside a price of around 300 quid when it hits the UK market.

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