Nikon D5100, Image Sensor from the D7000


From birth to current movements within digital SLR, the future is really quite promising, nay exciting! So for budding David Bailey’s or for those camera pro’s out there, the Nikon D5100 might be just the job for snapping that pic with ease and quality.

Priced around $650/£550, the new offering by Nikon swiftly kicks their previous model, the Nikon D5000, out of the field and pretty much represents the new stage of development that is DSLR. No grainy images here and with over sixteen million pixels, modes to choose from within scenes, LCD screen size of 3 inches and controls that seep intelligence, this camera giant is enough to make any photographer positively drool with anticipation.

The D5100 produces similar image standards to the D7000, storing pictures as a 14 bit file but has a metering capability and white balancing that far outstrips the D5000. With sensitivity levels that can be chosen from ISO 100, right up to a whopping 6400, packing a night-time mode for even more specialised effects.

Four FPS is spurted from the D5100 which in reality gives a ton of JPEG images at nifty quality – a hundred of these to be precise. Some photographers though, who are keen to catch the action, may well opt for the D7000’s six FPS capability which is definitely the speedier option.

Outside the internal workings of the D5100, it feels satisfying to handle, giving a robust and sturdy feel which certainly won’t fail to impress in its quality and build. This camera won’t fall apart in the short term that’s for sure, unless of course you accidentally drop it during snaps on the next safari holiday into a rampaging charge of rhinos.

The cameras 95% coverage of the built in viewfinder is sure to enable many snap happy moments and when images are manipulated using colour sketch or mini special effects, they surely will indulge many D5100 owners who opt to buy this marvel.

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