Vending machines for baguettes, loads of dough


Now then, if buying a butty on the move is your thing, then the latest innovative invention from down the Channel Tunnel might appeal to your taste buds.
A French baker, Jean-Louis Hecht has come up with the idea of fast food, à la baguette style, available to prevent hunger pangs on a 24/7 basis.

According to this Monsieur his new baguette bakery creation will solve the country’s crisis of getting this staple French food out-of-hours, made more difficult from often closed bakers who are prone to shutting up shop in the evening and over holiday periods.

If you’re thinking cold sarnie machines, there’s already a ton of them in existence, then think again. This baguette vending feat can dispense warmed bread which has partially been cooked in advance, on demand. For those who don’t keep normal social hours, this is perhaps a godsend from bakery heaven and will only set the hungry back a single euro to buy.

Before you get too excited though, there’s a downside – no filling, it’s just a chewier lump of warmed bread which you’ll need to decorate with your own choice of topping. Two machines are currently in existence, located in Hombourg-Haut, the North East of France and within the country’s capital, Paris.

Time though is definitely a requirement to see how this invention really does shape up. The French are not renowned for taking to an inferior alternative of the country’s much loved baguette which is eaten pretty much any time of the day, all days of the year.

There is no arguing though that the sheer convenient use of this machine (selling almost five thousand baguettes in July alone!) is very much in evidence and so for Mr Hecht he could soon recoup the initial baguette machine cost of €50,000.

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