Electronic Guitar Shirt, Rock On


If you’ve ever wanted to have a guitar literally on you, wherever you go, then this is the must-have garment that you need to purchase! Strumming up quite a chord is the Electronic Guitar Shirt.

This nifty little number, available up to 43″ chest, will be sure to impress and includes within the shirt a guitar which can actually be played! We kid you not and you don’t have to be a member of Queen or the great Brian May either to strum it – anyone, whether musically inclined or melodiously dyslexic can play this gothic coloured black t-shirt.

A tiny little amp unit, supplied with both volume adjusters (higher, lower!) is also on hand which can be attached to the trouser or belt side of the wearer or hidden in the shirt. If that isn’t enough, to give even more value for money it also has an option to adjust the bass and treble output, now that rocks.

Guitarists will often tell you that a set of guitar strings can cost the earth, especially when they are prone to breaking all too often. But fear not, this guitar is simply played by pressing the fingers on each shirt chord button giving melodic and harmonious sounds. Complete the illusion with a magnetically charged pick which is supplied, enabling the wearer to invisibly twang away to their heart’s content.

The sounds really are authentic that come from this guitar beast as they’ve been sampled from the real thing, a bona fide live guitar, so forget ‘cheap Casio’ sounds here and give Queen a run for their money.

Priced at around $30 in US and £30 in UK and for those who are already competent on the ‘geeetar’ or simply want to show off a bit (well, a lot), this is for you. But please remember folks, before you wash it, take the battery out first and for goodness sake do it delicately, don’t sling it into the washer or you’ll bust this delicate instrument!

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